The Restoration of Godchaux Reserve House

In 1961, National Sugar gave up the Godchaux Refinery and sold to Julio Lobo of Cuba and David C. Blintliff of Houston who operated under the name of Godchaux Sugar Refining Company. Five years later Lobo and Blintliff sold the refinery to the Godchaux-Henderson Sugar Company, Inc. Godchaux-Henderson operated for years and closed the refinery in 1985. They held the property until 1988 when they sold to Godchaux-Henderson Properties, Inc. for real estate development. Four years later, Godchaux-Henderson sold the property to the current owner, the South Louisiana Port Commission.

Land was purchased from the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board on July 27, 1993 by the River Road Historical Society and the Godchaux-Reserve house was moved to its current location along the River Road and West 10th Street in Reserve. In time, the River Road Historical Society donated the home to the Godchaux-Reserve Historical Society for restoration. Little was done to restore the magnificent home and in 2013, a group of Reserve and concerned citizens reorganized the Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society Board of Directors.