1740 Jean Baptise Laubel born
1746 Marie Therese Fontenot born
1760 Jean Baptise Laubel and Marie Therese Fontenot married at Fort Toulouse, Alabama
1763 French leave Alabama after French/Indian War – go to New Orleans 1764 Jean Baptiste Laubel purchases 6 arpent x 40 arpent lot in St. John the Baptist parish, builds two room house and rice farm 1774 Jean Baptiste Laubel dies
1781 Christome Borne is born
1806 Marie Therese dies, sons Jean Baptise, Jr and Louis divide lot in half
1810 Louis sells his 3 arpent lot with house to Christome Borne
1812 Christome Borne enlisted during War of 1812
1815 Borne sells property to Jean Baptiste Fleming and Jeanette Teiner
1820 Jean Baptiste Lobell Jr. living in French Settlement
1820 Borne living in town of Plaquemine
1821 Fleming and Teiner sell property to brothers Francois and Elise’ Rillieux
1823 Borne dies at age of 42
1823 Rillieuxs purchase additional property
1824 Leon Godchaux is born in France
1825 Rillieuxs purchase additional property
1826 Elise’ marries Palmire Wiltz
1827 Francois Rillieux dies
1829 Elise’ sells his half of property to Francois’s widow
1830 Elise’ sells San Francisco plantation
1833 Widow Antoine Rillieux (Aimee Picou) sells property to Antoine Boudousquie and Michel Andry
1834 Due to bad real estate decisions, Jean Baptiste Fleming is bankrupt
1840 Louis Lobell living in Livingston
1840 Leon Godchaux arrives in New Orleans
1845 Antoine Rillieux is Speaker of La House of Representatives
1845 Leon Godchaux opens clothing store in New Orleans
1846 Antoine Boudousque purchases land north of Rillieux property
1850 Elise’ Rillieux and family living in New Orleans and operating livery stable
1852 Fleming dies in New Orleans
1853 Sugar crop report shows the plantation now named “Reserve”
1854 Leon Godchaux marries Justine Lamm
1855 Antoine dies, Widow Sophie Andry Boudousque and brother Michel Andry operate plantation
1861 Civil War begins
1862 Sophie begins borrowing money to operate plantation and continues accumulating debt
1869 Leon Godchaux purchases plantation and outstanding notes
1870 Sophie moves into son’s home in New Orleans
1880 Elise’ dies in New Orleans at age 88
1894 Sophie Boudousque dies at age 86
1899 Leon Godchaux dies at age 75
1909 President-elect Taft visits refinery and house
1917 Refinery burns and is rebuilt as state of the art
1958 Godchaux Sugar Co. sold to National Sugar Co.
1985 Refinery shut down as parent company goes bankrupt