Godchaux Reserve House Historical Society

A group of St. John the Baptist Parish citizens came together in the summer of 2013, bound together by a shared commitment to begin the restoration of one of the The Godchaux-Reserve House, an invaluable part of the history of Southern Louisiana and the River Region of New Orleans. The Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society was formally formed with the State of Louisiana and the United States of American and is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. All contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The purpose of the Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society is to promote research, education and public awareness of the history of Sugar Cane production in South Louisiana as one of valuable historical significance, to preserve the Godchaux-Reserve House.

The Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society is pursuing this mission by undertaking the following activities:

• Restoring the Godchaux-Reserve House to it’s original state.
• Informing and educating the public on the progress and key issues in order to build community-wide support for the project.
• Implementing outreach activities to ensure timely and effective public involvement in the restoration project.
• Supporting restoration objectives and worthy scientific, environmental, historical, educational and recreation programs by fundraising, volunteering and other useful activities.

The Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society is actively engaged in the planning for the implementation of the project, fundraising, public outreach and education .


  • Stephen Guidry  – President
  • Gerald Keller – Vice-President
  • Julia Remondet – Secretary-Treasurer
  • David Beadle
Jane Godchaux Emke
  • Micheal Hanley
Wayne LeBouef
  • Gayle LeBoeuf
  • Tricia LeBoeuf
  • Randy Vicknair
  • Charles Daigle