godchaux kids

This drawing of cute kids created for the bags of sugar produced by the Godchaux Sugar Refinery in the 1800s was taken to simply document a bustling time in the sugar industry. Now, this picture portrays the past and gives us a glimpse of history in the small town of Reserve.

The Godchaux-Reserve House Historical Society is calling on the community to reminisce about the heyday of the Godchaux Sugar Refinery and the Godchaux-Reserve House. From growing to refining to barreling sugar at the refinery to attending social gatherings with friends at the house, the Godchaux Sugar Refinery and Godchaux-Reserve House was the hub of the St. John Parish sugar industry in the 1800s.

To help capture its rich history, the society is asking current and former residents to share their photos of working at the refinery and living and growing up in the Godchaux neighborhood. Photos with brief recollections may be e-mailed to charles@outlookdesign.com. Photos will be posted on this FB page and the Godchaux House website. By submitting pictures, participants grant the society permission to use and display these pictures and information as part of the Godchaux-Reserve House restoration project.